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Natural Skin Care Recipes

Natural Skin Care Recipes

A blog about natural skin care routines, products and methods of keeping your skin healthy and beautiful

Anti-Aging Products Explained

Anti-aging products require explaining, since any marketer will sell you any storyline to get you to purchase a product. Rarely do you come across an honest sales person that will tell you the truth about any product they sell. Thus, how do you find the right anti-aging products by avoiding listening to sales pitches? 

Sure, ads on television market anti-aging products and will show pretty face with minimal lining around the eyes and facial area, leading you to believe the solution works. Sure, it does if you had the money to pay for surgery that many of the actors get on television, but there is no concrete evidence that the solution works in reality. Some product sellers market anti-aging products using a well-known scientist name to sell the product. The goal is to lead the person to believe that someone has genius minded as a scientist has the answers to minimizing lines, wrinkles, crowfeet, sags and other common signs of aging. The fact is, scientist are human beings that has made more mistakes than the average person, therefore don't go for the scientist tactic, rather listen to the sources that have utilized the products before deciding which product is right for you. 

Still, you have to consider types of skin. Collagen produces the proteins and fibers in the skin, which keeps it healthy. If the face has dead cells and breakdown likely, the level of collagen is diminishing. More details can be found at your library or over the Internet. 

Then what is the right anti-aging product for you and your skin type? If you have oily skin thus finding a solution that controls the oils in the skin is important to prevent blocked pores, acne and other problems that come forth when the skin is oily. 

If you have normal, skin you might want to read more about the product AFIRM. One report claimed that it gave a made a huge difference after usage. The product has RETINOL, which is a chief ingredient found in Vitamin A. The product made a woman's face smoother, but allergy symptoms occurred for a short time, including itching, bumps and so on. The breakouts were minor according to the source. The product includes two of the builders of Collagen, which is RETINOL A, and TRETINOIN. TRETNOIN is an agent of RETINOL, which is a form of acid. 

It is ideal to know what the chemicals in the anti-aging solutions do for you, since some chemicals have proven to cause cancer, including CARCINOGEN. For more information, I recommend you find and read more information on this chemical, since it is also found in certain cosmetic products. 

Few anti-aging products have a chemical known as PARABEN, which has also proven, or else linked to breast cancers. This chemical is found in antiperspirants and certain deodorants. Therefore, you might want to sway away from any anti-aging product that houses these ingredients. It is always wise to be safe than sorry.

Anti-aging products including HYDRODERM EYE COMPLEX has the ingredient PARABEN, but it also has another ingredient that makes me skeptical. PROPYL PARABEN, and Methyl PARABEN, BUTYL PARABEN, and so on, which you can see the product is saturated with the ingredients that the researchers are finding to cause cancer. First, PROPYL is a shorter version of PROPYLENE, which is utilized in break fluids and antifreeze. The substance is flammable. Now how in the name of aging is this stuff going to help your face, reduce aging and keep you safe? 


From what I see, most of the HYRDRODERM products are saturated with the harmful ingredients, including PROPYL PARABEEN. My advice then is play at your own risk. 

If you have a few lines around the face area resulting from age, remember nature works and anyone working against it is sure to fail. Therefore, when searching for an anti-aging product make sure you realize nothing is guaranteed although many claims are made it is, and that nature dominates synthetic products. To learn more about anti-aging products we encourage you to read and review to find the better products for you and your skin type.

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